Honoring Safety

AGC Winter 2018 Honoring Safety


Recognizing winners of Excellence in Safety Awards

Above all else, the safety of our colleagues is essential so that the people we work with — side by side, day in day out — will be there tomorrow to realize the next task, the next project, the next dream.

AGC of Alaska honored contractors for their commitment to safety with the annual ConocoPhillips Excellence in Safety Awards luncheon Nov. 9, 2017, at The Hotel Captain Cook. Construction company executives, safety professionals and AGC members attended the prestigious awards presentation held during the 2017 annual conference.

The luncheon’s keynote speaker, David Rabiner, is a proud partner of AGC chapters across the United States. He routinely works with contractors of all sizes and helps them to become better leaders, perform at a higher level and create stronger teams and organizations.

The ConocoPhillips Excellence in Safety Awards are given to promote and recognize excellence in safety throughout the construction industry in Alaska. Applications are reviewed by an independent panel of safety professionals with particular attention 
to upper management commitment, worker training, active participation of the entire company and unique innovations.

Building Division Winner
Cornerstone General Contractors Inc.

The safety culture begins with the leadership. Cornerstone’s president and vice president have committed the firm to the philosophy that safety comes above all else. Joe Jolley and Mike Quirk firmly believe in their people. They place the highest value on sending each of them home safe to their family each night and have implemented a top-notch safety program.

The safety manager works closely with project managers, superintendents and field staff to develop site-specific safety plans during preconstruction and then oversees their implementation during construction. The safety manager, project manager and site superintendent jointly develop traffic control plans, engineering controls and phase the jobs to build safety into every project.

Heavy Division Winner
Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

KIWC is committed to providing a safe workplace for its employees. We take our responsibility to ensure our employees go home safe every day seriously. A safety program usually revolves around rules and regulations that govern the job site. However, these rules and regulations have often been generated as a result of unsafe behaviors. We developed our safety program with the realization that it needed to focus on behavior in conjunction with rules and regulations. We encourage and promote many competencies on all of our job sites, such as authority, accountability, professionalism and innovation. We use these competencies as the cornerstone of our safety program, tying each into our day-to-day operations and training.

When it comes to priorities, many construction companies focus on production. Kiewit’s No. 1 priority is the safety of our employees, the public and anyone in or around the job site. We never compromise safety in the name of production or profit. We recognize that no matter how productive a job site can be and no matter how much revenue can be generated, it only takes one accident to overturn everything. This is why we have developed an industry-leading safety program with buy-in and participation at all levels of the company that is devoted to the goal of “Nobody Gets Hurt.” “Nobody Gets Hurt” means just that — no incidents.

This is second consecutive year that KIWC won an Excellence in Safety Award.

Highway Division Winner
Brice Inc.

While safety continues to be a prominent issue in the construction industry, Brice strives to be proactive with its safety program and to not be content with mere compliance of regulations. This philosophy must begin at the corporate level. Both upper and project management teams fully support the funding and the implementation of existing and new safety programs. This thinking, up and down management, affords Brice’s employees the safest working conditions.

Implementation of the safety program is a difficult undertaking due to the varied geographical project locations that change from year to year. Conditions in these locations tend to be harsh coupled with inherent construction risk and sometimes inexperienced local workforces, which validates the importance of safety training at every level.

“Brice is, of course, honored to be among the many Alaska contractors who perform a lot of great work for the state of Alaska,” said Dan Clark, Corporate Safety Officer at Brice. “More gratifying, though, is helping to provide a way of living for a talented local workforce. On the same note, ensuring our employees have a safe environment in which to work is equally as important. At Brice, we are proud of that commitment towards protecting workers’ safety and health at work.”

This is second consecutive year that Brice Inc. won an Excellence in Safety Award.

Individual Award Winner
Tom Ulrich, American Marine Corp.

Tom Ulrich has ushered our personnel into a safety culture unparalleled in our organization’s history by working to improve systems and processes and to provide training opportunities for all employees. His top-down approach has been a shining example for all team members to emulate, as well as his open-door policy, which helps generate conversation to create new and innovative ideas from front-line team members and administrative staff.

“I have the pleasure of working in Alaska where every employee and project team of American Marine recognizes and embraces their role and responsibility when it comes to safety,” said Ulrich, American Marine Vice President. “We have an internal culture that promotes the type of innovation and improvements that keep our people safe in the field and motivated to participate. It is something that I am very proud to be a part of.”

Specialty Division Winner
American Marine Corp.

Despite the extreme hazards, high risks and logistical challenges faced on a routine basis, American Marine constantly strives for operational and safety performance excellence and for over 15 years has not experienced an injury, dive-related emergency or occupational illness during a diving operation. Since 2008, American Marine International has achieved a perfect safety record with no OSHA-reportable or OSHA-recordable incidents and no occupation illnesses or injuries. For 2017, AMI was set to achieve another perfect year with no occupational illnesses or injuries.

American Marine recognizes that its employees are the primary asset of the organization and is therefore committed to establishing and maintaining a safe, secure and healthful work environment. Commitment includes developing and maintaining an annual quality review and continuously improving the corporate Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Management System (HSSE-MS), as well as the corporate Illness & Injury Prevention programs, in addition to the array of training courses provided.

“We at American Marine are truly honored and humbled to have been chosen to receive the 2017 ConocoPhillips Excellence in Safety - Specialty Division award,” said Jose Owens, Operations Safety and Compliance Manager American Marine International. “To be recognized in today’s industry for our hard work and dedication to our team members and our ever evolving safety practices and methods only proves that we are advancing in the right direction.

“All of our team members own each process, and without their participation, experience and insight as well as those employees that have made the decision to stop work and re-evaluate their course of action to prevent or mitigate potential hazards, we would not have the distinct honor that we have today as leaders in our community. We are a tight-knit group here at American Marine; the level of comradery has made it easy to communicate and work as one team to solve the tough issues and build upon a solid foundation.”

For more information about AGC of Alaska’s annual conference, contact Kimberley Gray, Events & Communication Coordinator at 907-561-5354 or kimberley@agcak.org.