Stan Smith Volunteers of the Year


The Volunteer of the Year Award honors an individual who, throughout the year, has demonstrated their dedication to the industry by providing their time and expertise to assist AGC. These members sit on committees, plan and run events, and consistently go the extra mile when called upon to help.

AGC staff members bring names forward as potential recipients each year. This year, two AGC members received an equal amount of votes so AGC recognized the contributions of two outstanding and tireless volunteers.

Bob Cummings,
co-owner of Denali Mechanical

Bob Cummings, Stan Smith Volunteer Award

Cummings’ office is about eight blocks from the AGC office in Fairbanks. AGC Executive Director John MacKinnon said when presenting the award at the dinner dance at the Hotel Captain Cook that Cummings spends nearly as much time at the AGC office as he does in his own business.

A lifetime board member of AGC and member of the AGC Fairbanks Task Force, Cummings attends just about every AGC event he can. Over the years, he said, AGC of Alaska has raised more than $300,000 for scholarships to the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Community Technical College. Last year, the group gave a $100,000 gift to UAF.

“I’ve learned a lot through AGC. Their programs are educational for contractors, too, not just the university students. I got started there because of their plans room — they used to have paper plans to look through and see if the jobs fit and if we were interested in bidding them. They still have a plans room, but it’s changed. It’s online. Since then, there have been a lot of changes, and I think AGC has helped us adapt to those changes,” Cummings said. “I don’t really think of myself as a volunteer, but what they said about me is true.”

Dave Johnson, Anchorage Sand &
Gravel Co. Inc.

Dave Johnson, Stan Smith Volunteer Award

Johnson, an AGC member since 2005, is co-chair of the AGC Associates Council and actively helps plan the AGC Chili Cook-off, Spring Train Ride, annual conference and other
events. He has served on the AGC Executive Board and has served on several other committees and subcommittees. He’s also a top seller of the AGC PAC, or political action committee, raffle tickets, proceeds of which go toward legislators who support AGC issues and ideals. AGC staff said Johnson is helpful throughout the year.

Johnson said it was an honor to be chosen as a volunteer of the year.

“I didn’t expect it, that’s for sure,” Johnson said, noting that he had briefly left the room when the award was handed out, missing the announcement.

“It was an appreciated thank you,” he said.