E/P Roofing, Inc.

By Samantha Davenport


Enjoying people and earning positive marks in every part of the state


More than a decade ago, Brent Eaton and Jon Pfeifer were working together at an Anchorage roofing company when they asked themselves an important question: Instead of making money for that business, why weren’t they making it for themselves?

Eaton then told Pfeifer he was going to leave that company. Pfeifer said that if Eaton was leaving, he would too. Together, the two left and started their own roofing business: E/P Roofing.

Eaton, the E in E/P, is a lifelong Alaskan and president of E/P Roofing. Pfeifer, the P, was Eaton’s original partner in E/P Roofing for 10 years. He retired last winter.

Brent Eaton, E/P Roofing
E/P Roofing is named after Brent Eaton, “E,” and Jon Pfeifer, “P.”
Pfeifer retired last winter, but Eaton, above, is still running the company.
Photo Courtesy of E/P Roofing


“We started it in early 2007, and it took off and just went crazy,” Eaton said.

“I enjoy the people part of it; I enjoy dealing with people,” he added. “I’m actually an engineer, so to enjoy people, maybe is kind of weird for an engineer. I guess I kind of like the interactions with people, you know, the good times, when we’re doing well and things go great, it’s very satisfying.”

E/P Roofing, which is based in Anchorage, specializes in residential and commercial roofing. Eaton estimated that probably 25 percent of its business is residential roofing.

While the company doesn’t travel Outside for jobs, it has worked in every nook and cranny of the state, said Steve Glines, E/P Roofing’s secretary, treasurer and contracts manager.

“We’ve been in every corner of Alaska, and Alaska has about 17 corners, so that’s pretty cool,” Glines said. “From the Aleutian chain to the Panhandle to the North Slope, of course, and Kotzebue, Nome — there are many places that I can’t even remember.”

Glines, who is Pfeifer’s nephew, came to work alongside him in June 2007. Glines said it was so busy during E/P Roofing’s first year that he came into the office as an office manager and never looked back. Glines is also the current chair-elect for the Associated Builders and Contractors of Alaska Inc.

Steve Glines, E/P Roofing
Steve Glines, E/P Roofing’s secretary, treasurer and contracts manager, is also
the current chairelect for the Associated Builders and Contractors of Alaska Inc.
Photo Courtesy of E/P Roofing


Glines said one of the most rewarding aspects of his job is seeing the growth of the E/P family. Currently, E/P Roofing employs about 50 Alaskans.

“Seeing guys coming in 10 years ago that knew nothing that are still here and see their accomplishments and their families grow, that’s pretty cool,” he said.

Eaton said being a member of Associated General Contractors of Alaska has helped E/P Roofing create and maintain relationships.

“I think the contacts are good, obviously. A lot of our customers are the big, general contractors. That has been less in recent years, obviously, with the downturn in the economy, but still a chunk. We always want to keep in good graces with them and do things that are going to help support the construction industry as a whole. Supporting AGC is a good move for us,” Eaton said.

Online, the company has earned positive reviews. One Facebook commenter said that “E/P Roofing has the kindest and most professional team in Alaska!” Another said, “Had a very good experience. … Will be using them in the future when the weather is nicer to repair my roof.”

Two E/P Roofing employees at work, E/P Roofing
E/P Roofing started in 2007 and employs about 50 people, working in every corner of Alaska. The company
specializes in residential and commercial roofing.
Photo Courtesy E/P Roofing


Many general contractors work with E/P. One impressed customer, Byron Kohfield, has integrated E/P Roofing into nearly all of his company’s roofing needs. Kohfield is the president of K-C Corporation, a construction firm and general contractor in Anchorage. K-C Corporation has been working with E/P Roofing for years.

“They’ve done just about 100 percent of our work,” Kohfield said. Kohfield says that if you need a roof, E/P is a solid choice.

“As far as I’m concerned, (E/P Roofing is) one of the best there is,” Kohfield said.


Samantha Davenport is a freelance writer living in Anchorage.