REAL ID checklist and alternative options

By Rindi White


Check this list before applying to obtain a REAL ID


REAL ID licenses and ID cards are available through the State of Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles beginning Jan. 2, 2019. If you’re interested in obtaining a REAL ID card or license, it’s important that you bring along the appropriate documents, but the list of documents includes items you might not always carry with you.

Applicants must present one identity document, which shows your date of birth, true name, identity and U.S. citizenship or lawful status. An original document bearing your current true, full name (first, middle and last) or a certified copy is required.

Suggested identity documents:

  • Valid, unexpired U.S. passport or passport card.
  • Certified copy of U.S. birth certificate.
  • Certified copy of birth certificate from a U.S. territory. Puerto Rico certificates issued on or after July 1, 2010, are accepted.
  • Consular Report of birth abroad of U.S. citizen.
  • Unexpired foreign passport with valid U.S. Visa and approved I-94 form.
  • Certificate of Naturalization or certificate of U.S. citizenship.
  • Valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card.
  • Valid, unexpired Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Card I-766.
  • Valid REAL ID license or ID card from a compliant state (Note: Documentation of U.S. citizenship or lawful status is required).

One document must contain your full social security number. Suggested documents:

  • Social security card.
  • W-2 form.
  • Social Security Administration (SSA) 1099 form.
  • Non-SSA-1099 form.
  • Pay stub with full social security number.
  • Proof from SSA verifying that you are ineligible for a social security number or that you have never applied for a social security number.

To establish Alaska residency, you must present two documents that verify your residence address. The documents must list your first and last name and must match the residence address as listed on the driver license or ID card application:

  • Rental or lease agreement with the signature of the owner/landlord and tenant/resident.
  • Deed or title to residential real property.
  • Mortgage bill.
  • Home utility bills, including cellular phone.
  • Employment documents.
  • Insurance documents, including medical, dental, vision, life, home, rental and vehicle.
  • Internal Revenue Service or Alaska Franchise Tax Board tax returns.
  • Change of address confirmation by the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Property tax bill or statement.
  • Faith-based documents that include name and address of organization.
  • Records from a financial institution, meaning any state or national bank, state or federal savings associations, trust companies, industrial loan companies, state or federal credit unions and any institution or entity that has issued a credit card.
  • Voter registration confirmation letter or postcard issued by the Alaska Division of Elections.
  • Proof of payment of resident tuition at a public institution of higher education in Alaska.
  • A letter on letterhead from a homeless shelter, a shelter for abused women, a nonprofit entity, faith-based organization, employer or government agency within the U.S. attesting that the applicant resides within Alaska.

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