Earthquake in Alaska

Swift, continuing response to major earthquake


Mirror Lake earthquake damage before repairs
Before: The Glenn Highway at Mirror Lake was closed after slope failures on both sides of the highway caused
by the Nov. 30 earthquake and aftershocks.
Photo Courtesy of Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities


Mirror Lake after repair
After: By Dec. 3, repairs were nearly done. It was open for use Dec. 5.
Photo Courtesy of Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities


When a magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook Alaska at 8:29 a.m. Nov. 30, damage to infrastructure in Southcentral Alaska was varied and widespread. Rock slides, buckled and broken roads, and structural damage to schools, offices and other facilities were just part of the host of problems to be solved in its aftermath.

But Alaskans are resilient, and Alaska contractors were more than up to the challenge. In just four days, several of the major road failures were rebuilt and ready for use.

The work is far from over; roads may need additional structural repairs over time, bridges may need to be shored up or replaced, some schools in the region are closed indefinitely to repair significant structural damage.

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